Asbestos Testing

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Asbestos test, home inspection in Montreal

We provide asbestos inspection and testing services.

Please note: we do not provide asbestos removal services.

YG Home Inspection Services conducts air sampling and a material sampling test in the suspected area. The samples are then sent to a 3rd party lab to be analyzed and results are provided to you in our inspection report.

Known for its isolative and heat resistant properties, asbestos was widely used on many construction sites until the 1980’s, when it was discovered that it could cause a serious health risk. Asbestos, in its inert form is not harmful, however when disturbed, the inhalation of the volatile fibrous crystals it is made of can cause serious illnesses such as various forms of lung cancers.

For more information on mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases:
Mesothelioma Cancer Network
Pleural Mesothelioma Center

Asbestos can be mainly found in many components of the house such as insulation, flooring, and pipe lining, etc. A test for asbestos can reveal even very low levels of airborne asbestos fibers can be dangerous.

If there is any reason to suspect the presence of asbestos, it is highly recommended to perform a test when considering the purchase of an older house. Asbestos testing should also be carried out before the remodelling of such buildings, or if elements like floor tiles or insulation are damaged or exposed.

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If an asbestos test confirms the presence of asbestos, you may be required to use the services of specially trained contractors to remove the asbestos. These contractors are familiar with the procedures for handling asbestos and they can ensure that the asbestos is safely removed and legally disposed of afterwards. Although this can be expensive, handling asbestos properly is both environmentally responsible and legally required. Most importantly, the safe removal of asbestos can protect your health and the one of those living in the house.