Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing inspection

At YG Home Inspection Services, we don’t only look for defects such as leaks and drips, we also strive to inform our customers on the overall state and condition the plumbing system and give detailed explanations and advice for any necessary repairs.

During the process of plumbing inspection, our home inspector will verify the water supply and distribution systems as well as the waste disposal system. We will determine the material of the piping, the location of the main water shutoff valve. In the process of the home inspection, our home inspector will verify the condition and proper installation of all fixtures and faucets, both interior and exterior. YG Home Inspection Services looks for proper fixture settings and proper caulking around fixtures. The home inspector will verify the integrity of the system and look for the presence of leaks.

For the waste disposal system, YG Home Inspection Services will inspect the traps, proper drainage and vent piping materials and supports. Likewise, we will observe the interior and the exterior floor drains and cleanouts. If the property has a sump pump installed, our home inspector will verify its condition and functionality.
The inspection of the plumbing system includes the observation of the water heater equipment for the production of domestic hot water. Our home inspector will determine the capacity and age of the water heater and verify the proper installation, supports and drainage.

All of the observations made will be described in detail in the inspection report. If any defects are found, their severity and implications will be provided and further recommendations regarding the timeframe needed for their repair will also be included.

An electronic version of inspection report will be provided to the client within 48 hours.