About Us

Yevgeny Govshievich

Certified Building Inspector
Certified Level I Building Investigations Thermographer
Owner of YG Home Inspection Services

YG Home Inspection Services was established by Yevgeny Govshievich in 2006. Yevgeny Govshievich is a qualified professional who has completed recognized Residential Home Inspection Courses and has a background in Mechanical Engineering. He is a current member of professional home inspection associations such as AIBQ & ASHI.

– Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering
– Residential Building Inspection Program at Vanier College
– Carson Dunlop Weldon Commercial Buildings Inspection Course
– Continuous education and training process on a yearly basis
– Level I Building Investigations Thermographer at ITC (Infrared Training Center – FLIR Canada)

Membership of professional Associations:
– Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (AIBQ)
– American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

Fully Insured (Errors & Omissions Insurance).

YG Home Inspection Services provides a comprehensive package which simplifies buying, selling and owning a home. We will identify problems and provide in-depth explanations in our inspection report. Our goal is to continue to offer high quality, professional home inspection services to our clients in the Greater Montreal area.

Because we aim for excellence, we make sure that our clients receive the satisfaction they deserve! YG Home Inspection Services strives to always meet or exceed what you are expecting from us so we can serve you in the best way we know how.

Beware of anyone who pretends to be an “Inspector” and is not a member of one of the recognized organizations!

Yevgeny Govshievich
on behalf of
YG Home Inspection Services

About Us