Commercial Building Inspections

Professional Commercial Building Inspections In Montreal

CommercialBuying a commercial property in Montreal? Protect yourself against major issues and minimize your risks – have it inspected. YG Home Inspection Services provides professional commercial building inspections. We follow the ASTM E2018-08 standards in our Commercial Property Condition Assessment. For our customers, YG Home Inspection Services inspects properties as a system. All accessible, visible components and systems of the building such as roofing, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, insulation, interior, etc. will be inspected.

Commercial building inspections (Property Condition Assessment) include:

  • Documents reviews and interviews;
  • Walk-Through survey of the property;
  • Property Condition Report;
  • Presentation of the Property Condition Report;

The inspector reviews documents, conducts a methodical walk-through examination to survey the property’s physical deficiencies including systems, components, and equipment.

The property condition report is customized and contain photographs of the properties and of all identified minor and major issues. They also contain detailed explanations regarding the condition of the defect, the implications it might have and suggestions concerning the tasks necessary for the repair of the problem. Since the inspection is only visual, some problems might require further evaluation. If this is the case, YG Home Inspection Services will recommend to consult a specialist for a more in depth analysis.

The inspector will present the property condition report to the customer and will be able for further ask questions related to the report.

YG Home Inspection Services performs Property Condition Assessment for:

  • Multi Family Housing*
  • Light Industrial Buildings
  • Low-rise Office Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Warehouses

* For Multi Family Housings with over 5 units, the Residential Standards no longer apply.

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