How Much Does A Montreal Home Inspection Cost?

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April 3rd, 2013

How Much Does A Montreal Home Inspection Cost?
A Montreal home inspection is highly recommended by YG Home Inspection Services, whether it would be a house, condo, or multiplex. A home inspector detects any problems or issues that your home may have. A certified home inspector thoroughly examines all the major systems in your home inside and out.

So just how much does a Montreal home inspection cost? It really varies depending on the Montreal home inspection company. Some companies charge anywhere from $300 to $700 per home inspection. Since each inspection is unique, prices may vary. They are usually categorized into 3 groups: a condo inspection, house inspection, and a multiplex inspection.

Montreal Condo Inspection

A Montreal condo inspection typically costs less based on the fact that it has less square footage to examine. A condo still has most of the major systems and components as a house does, therefore it’s still recommended to inspect to prevent any surprises in your investment.

Montreal House Inspection

A Montreal house inspection is our most popular type of home inspection. There is usually more square footage than your average condo and the exterior portion of your home needs to be examined as well.

Montreal Multiplex Inspection

A multiplex home, either a duplex or triplex, has all the major systems and components as a house plus more square footage and levels. Obviously this type of Montreal home inspection is quoted the highest.

YG Home Inspection Services

YG Home Inspection Services believes that no one should put a price tag on your family’s personal safety. You may always shop around and try to obtain the cheapest home inspection quotes. However, before you do, you need to ask yourself some questions. Does this company provide you with all the required documents to help you make an informed decision? More importantly, are these home inspection companies certified and qualified? YG Home Inspection Services provides professional Montreal home inspection services that you can trust and rely on.