How To Prevent Water Damage

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January 5th, 2013

How To Prevent Water Damage

A water leak in your house may seem like a small issue, but it can cause serious problems to an individual’s home. From leaking roofs to plumbing problems, these water damage repairs can be expensive to fix. It can damage the structure of your house; creating harmfulness mold and contamination issues, as well as personal property damage. Therefore it’s imperative to take the correct measures to prevent such damages. A thorough plumbing inspection and home inspection by YG Home Inspection Services in Montreal can assess if there are any issues and keep water damage from arising. Here are some tips on how you can prevent water damage in your home.


A roof protects your house from all the effects of mother nature. It’s important to ensure that the water drains off of your house properly. Carefully examine your roof and shingles: The shingles on your roof have an approximate lifespan of 20 years. If your shingles are showing visible signs of damage, it may be time to repair or replace them.

Gutters and downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are important for collecting and draining water from your roof. Inspect your gutters for any damages or obstructions, which are commonly leaves. Also, ensure that the water drains at least six feet away from your house and not towards.

Windows and doors

Inspect your windows and doors for any stains or signs of water damage. Ensure that all your windows and doors are tightly sealed and properly insulated. Examine both interior and exterior aspects of the windows and doors; repair or replace them if needed.


Look for warped, discolored, or cracked flooring around places where water is commonly used ie. bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Ceilings and walls

Look for stains on the ceilings. Also, investigate for any musty smells that the walls may be emitting as this may indicate a water leak.

Grade of property

Proper property grading is important when preventing water damage to your house. Property grading is having the property on such a slope that permits proper drainage of water. All property grading should be sloped to direct water away from your house to prevent any possible flooding.


Leaking water pipes and hoses used for appliances such as your water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, or dishwasher can cause water damage inside your home. Regularly inspect these appliances and make sure that all of the seals are intact and are not leaking.


Look for signs of water leaks in your house in common areas which water is consumed. This includes around and under your sinks, around your toilets, bathtubs and showers, attic, and around appliances that use water. If you notice anything irregular such as rust or corrosion along the pipes or fixtures, call a professional for help.

Water bill

Always check your water bill. If it appears higher than normal, you may have a water leak. Have an inspector assess your home for any water leaks.