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May 16th, 2013

Montreal Water Condensation Tips

Have you ever noticed that your windows accumulate condensation during the winter? You are not alone, as the majority of Montrealer’s experience the problem. Think of a hot summers day and pulling out a cold drink out of the fridge, condensation build up on your glass. Window condensation occurs in winter because there is an excess of humidity in your home from heat. Heat normally travels to the coldest areas of your home, most likely your windows, which causes condensation.

Window condensation creates the perfect opportunity for water damages around your windows and can potentially cause harmful molds. There are many things home owners can do in order to prevent and treat window condensation in Montreal. As professional Montreal home inspectors, YG Home Inspection Services recommends the following tips on how to prevent and control condensation on windows.

Wipe down your window

Wiping down your windows is a simple strategy you can perform to get rid of window condensation. Although it is not a correct the problem itself, it is a quick fix to prevent water damage and mold.

Use a dryer

Hanging your clothes to dry inside your home significantly emits moisture in your home. If possible, use a dryer to dry your clothes during the winter.

Opening your window

Opening your windows slightly enables proper ventilation and air exchange. The only drawback is that it may increase your heating bill.

Exhaust fans

The use of exhaust fans are important, especially when taking those hot showers in the bathroom. Extracting moisture to the outdoors drastically helps reduce the chances of mold developing in your bathroom. We typically recommend leaving on the exhaust fan for another 10 minutes after your shower.

Purchase a humidifier

Purchasing a humidifier can help reduce the issue of window condensation. Its job is to control the moisture levels inside your home.

Install better insulated windows

Installing better quality windows can help prevent window condensation. For example, a triple pane window is more likely to prevent condensation than a double pane window.

Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Another possible solution is to install a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HVR). An HVR is a device that pulls out stale/moist air out of your home and brings in fresh air from outside. HVR’s can be expensive but it’s worth getting if you can afford one.