Relative documents

Relative documents

Before we start home inspection we sign the Inspection Contract


YG Home Inspection Services uses the standard “Inspection Service Agreement With Respect To a Chiefly Residential Immovable” used by all members of the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (AIBQ) and ADDENDUM – THERMOGRAPHIC SURVEY AGREEMENT used exclusively by YG Home inspection Services.

For our Commercial Building Inspections we use

  • Property Condition Assessments Agreement

For our supplementary services (Thermographic Survey, Indoor air quality test, Mold inspection, Asbestos inspection) we use documents listed below:

  • Thermographic Survey Agreement
  • Asbestos Inspection Agreement
  • Air Quality (Mold) Inspection Agreement
  • Air Quality (Asbestos) Inspection Agreement

An integral part of the Service Agreement is the AIBQ’s Standards of Practice that outlines what is inspected and how it is reported.

If the property being inspected is a condominium, co-ownership or a commercial property there are appendix added, specific to these situations.

When we done we sign Completion of Inspection

At the end of the home inspection there is an “Inspection Completion Certificate” to be completed and signed.


The sample documents above are provided for general information purposes only.