Thermographic Survey

Infrared Thermographic Survey In Montreal

Thermographic survey, home inspection Montreal

An infrared thermographic inspection (survey) is the next level of building diagnostics! Previously invisible issues and problems can now be identified with our infrared camera. In another words – many hidden defects (like water leakage/ water damage) now become visible.


Our Thermographic Survey is Fast, Reliable, and Accurate!

The infrared camera that we use is a perfect tool for fast, reliable, and accurate building diagnosis in all aspects of the inspection:

  • Roof leakage detection (that are not yet visually detectable)
  • Water leakage detection (that are not yet visually detectable)
  • Foundation walls leakage (that are not yet visually detectable)
  • Electrical problem (overloading, overheating, etc.)
  • HVAC problems (blockage, inadequate, or poorly sealed ductwork, etc.)
  • Insulation issues (missing, inadequate, deteriorated, damaged, or improperly installed insulation)
  • Plumbing (blockage, leaks that are not yet visually detectable)
  • Floor heating systems problems (water or electrical)
  • Building envelope leaks (poorly sealed windows and doors, lack of wall insulation)
  • Mechanical equipment (furnaces, air conditioners, fan motors)
  • Potential mould growth and moisture intrusion and accumulation
  • And many, many other issues


Infrared thermography survey is a powerful & non-invasive method of monitoring and troubleshooting the conditions of commercial and residential buildings.

Take a look at the pictures below performed by a thermographic survey, both issues are not noticeable to the naked eye. On the other hand, performing a thermographic survey we discover and pinpoint the problem.

Thermographic survey, Montreal


And keep in mind

All our home inspections include a free Thermographic Survey (value of $250.00).

And this is how Certified Thermographer looks like  🙂

Certified Level I Building Investigations Thermographer