What Causes Mold In Your Home?

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March 3rd, 2013

Mold on Ceiling Montreal Home InspectorMoisture from humid weather and rain can cause mold to grow in your home. Since we get all 4 seasons in Montreal, it’s hard to avoid moisture. Also, homes that are near water are prone to recurring mold issues due to high humidity. This is why it’s important to ensure proper insulation and ventilation systems. YG Home Inspection Services provides certified mold and home inspection services in Montreal. Let’s take a look at other causes in your household that may cause mold to grow.

Leaking Roofs

The roof on your house endures a lot of impact from rain to snow. It’s no wonder why some houses have damages to their roof. It’s not always easy to notice these damages unless you physically inspect the top of your roof and attic space. We recommend getting your roofing inspected regularly by a qualified home inspector. If you notice moisture or mold on your ceiling or attic space, you may have a leaking roof.

Leaking Pipes

Pipes within your home can cause water leaks and eventually mold damage. It may not always noticeable, especially if these leaking pipes are within your walls. Our house inspectors are trained to verify water damage and any potential problems that may arise.


Condensation happens when surfaces like your window sills, metal pipes, and walls are too cold ie. winter time. This moisture caused from condensation will cause mold to appear in no time. YG Home Inspection Services also offers mold testing for your home or the home you are about to purchase.


Flooding from heavy rainfall, improper house grading, or ineffective sewage systems will cause water damage and mold in your home. Mold creates dangerous toxins that are detrimental to your well being. Although we do not provide mold removal services, we do conduct mold inspections via a thermographic survey.

Improper ventilation

The ventilation systems in your kitchen and bathrooms should not be ignored. If you notice moisture damage to your walls or ceiling in these areas, your ventilation system may be compromised.

YG Home Inspection Services are certified home inspectors that inspect houses and condos in the Greater Montreal area. To ensure a safe home for you and your family, contact us for a mold inspection or home inspection.