Interior Inspection

Interior inspection in MontrealThe main concern of most buyers is the cosmetic condition of the interior of the property. However, in YG Home Inspection Services, we don’t only look at the aesthetic part, our home inspector looks further by carefully examining the interior of the house in order to discover any deficiencies it may have.

Our interior inspection includes the observation and description of the walls, floors and ceilings condition and material. We will inspect the steps, stairways, balconies and railings as well as all cabinets and counters. During the process of the home inspection, our home inspector will operate and test the functionality of a representative number of windows and doors, including hardware.

YG Home Inspection Services will look for and report any indications or signs of water penetration or condensation visible inside the building or signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building components. If applicable, our home inspector will use a moisture detector to confirm or refute the presence of moisture in suspected areas.

All of the observations made will be described in detail in the inspection report. If any defects are found, their severity and implications will be provided and further recommendations regarding the timeframe needed for their repair will also be included.

An electronic version of inspection report will be provided to the client within 48 hours.