Personal Safety

Personal safetyKeeping our customers safe is one of our main priorities.

YG Home Inspection Services goal is to ensure that the property you are going to buy is safe for you and your kids.

This part of the home inspection includes the observation of stairways, railings, handrails and landings. The home inspector will ensure the safety of the electrified components of the house and will also verify the presence and operation of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). If the property has a garage, our home inspector will verify whether or not the electric garage door opener automatically reverses or stops when meeting reasonable resistance during closing. We will check any access to pools, whirlpool baths, spas or other types of water basins, if applicable. YG Home Inspection Services will inspect the fire separation walls in the attic space. The presence or absence of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will also be verified.

All of the observations made will be described in detail in the inspection report. If any defects are found, their severity and implications will be provided and further recommendations regarding the timeframe needed for their repair will also be included.

An electronic version of inspection report will be provided to the client within 48 hours.