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Home Inspections Offered By YG Home Inspection Services:


Thinking of buying or selling a home? Let our qualified Montreal Home Inspectors help make this important decision a success. Whether you are buying or selling a house, we will take all the guess work out and give you a concise and detailed inspection report on your existing home or on a perspective new dwelling so that you can make a sound and comfortable decision. Affordable and efficient, we strive for excellence in helping you sell or buy a home. YG Home Inspection Services covers the Greater Montreal area and offers the following inspections:

-Pre-Purchase Home Inspections As a perspective home buyer you need a clear idea of the building you are buying. This is where we come in. We will make you aware of the risks of all future repair costs before you purchase. Major defects can be costly but for an affordable fee, our home inspection is an essential solution for safeguarding such an important investment. Our professional home inspector will take notes on the condition and operation of all the components tested and all of the information will be forwarded back to you in a concise and detailed inspection report.

-Pre-Listing Home Inspections Pre-Listing home inspections are crucial when selling a home. Many sales may be cancelled on the basis that the buyer was not aware of the condition of your home. The inspector’s reports are a secure way of letting homeowners, prior to placing their home on the market, identify and either repair or disclose the issues found. Therefore, a pre-listing inspection could help sell your house faster and more efficiently. Knowing about the existing problems in advance, can help the seller decide to either fix or disclose the problems to the perspective buyer.

Our home inspection covers following system of the house:

YG Home Inspection Services, Montreal
1. Roofing

A regular roof inspection is recommended to assess the wear and damages of your roof. It is more cost efficient to find minor damages than to replace the whole roofing itself. Our inspection process is designed for the harsh Montreal climate changes we experience. We can estimate the age of your roof’s covering, as well as identify the type of material used. Your chimney, roof gutters, any vents, and skylights will be inspected for functionality, condition, and proper installation. Read more…

Montreal Home Inspection
2. Exterior

The examination of the exterior portion of your house covers all the aspects outside of your home. Our house inspector will assess the functionality and safety of the exterior surroundings your home. This includes your home’s driveway, decks, patios, fences, walkways, and garage. Furthermore, we expect the building’s siding, windows, exterior grade, doors, and exterior electrical visible portions of your home. Read more…


Montreal Home Inspections
3. Structure

If there is a problem with your homes structure, every other aspect of your house can be affected. The structure inspection includes but is not limited to the foundation, garage, basement, beams, columns, rafters, joists, sub-floors, exterior walls, attic, siding, and the attic’s structure will be visually examined. Read more…


Montreal Home Inspection
4. Electrical

Our house inspectors carefully examines your properties’ electrical system to ensure you’re safe from any electrical hazards. We look at the grounding, branch circuits, breakers, panels, sub-panels, reverse polarity, and services entrance type and location. We assess all electrical installations, renovations, and or alterations your house has had. Read more…


YG Home Inspection Services, Montreal
5. Heating and Cooling Systems

Your house’s heating and cooling system should be designed to keep your indoor climate comfortable. Our house inspectors identifies the type of systems used and its functional capacity. We assess the general condition of your heating and cooling systems and evaluate for proper climate control within your home. If not installed or maintained properly, these systems can become unsafe. Read more…


Montreal Home Inspections
6. Insulation and Ventilation Systems

Our insulation and ventilation inspection focuses on how well your home’s insulation is installed, its condition, and the functionality of your ventilation. We observe all of your home’s insulation materials and vapor barriers seen in your attic, floors, and walls. Our house inspector inspects the ventilation of attics, basement, crawl spaces, kitchen and venting systems, and dryer venting systems. Read more…


Montreal Home Inspection
7. Plumbing

Our plumbing home inspection process looks for any water leaks, damages, and potential problems it may have. Our inspector examines the main water supply lines, distribution lines, drains, water heaters, and fixtures. Proper use of the right materials and its installation is inspected. Issues pertaining to your home’s plumbing could account for increased water bills, damages to your property, and much more. Read more…


YG Home Inspection Services, Montreal
8. Interior

Even though your home may look good on the inside, there could be issues not noticeable to the naked eye. This includes your kitchen and its appliances, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, basement, attic, and every other interior living areas of your home. Not only do we inspect each area, we assess the condition of the walls, ceiling, doors, flooring, windows, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. Our interior inspection thoroughly exams the condition of your home’s interior using our moisture detector. Read more…


YG Home Inspection Services, Montreal
9. Personal Safety

We take pride in our work and want your home to be safe for you and your family. This is why we go that extra mile to make personal safety our number one priority in our home inspection process. Read more…




An electronic version of inspection report will be provided to the client within 48 hours.